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March 25, 2017

Kitchen equipment: The new Aldi bargains

Kitchen equipment: The new Aldi bargains

Aldi Nord fills its kitchen with kitchen appliances and cooking appliances. Underneath you will find a stainless steel freezer, which according to the manufacturer is particularly energy-efficient. The microwave has an output of up to 800 watts and has different automatic programs on board. The bar mixer set for pureeing, crushing and mixing costs well below 20 euros. However, no kitchen is complete without small appliances, which are needed in the kitchen day: Ceramic knives, kitchen scales and fresh halter boxes from the Discounter offer the opportunity to close inexpensive equipment gaps in your kitchen.

Fresh wind in the north
To the south there is the Aldi Süd's own Thermomix alternative for the 27th of March . The kitchen machine with cooking function is an acquaintance. They already existed under Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd under different names. We explain, apart from 1.040 Euro price difference the differences to the thermomix. De Aldi machine mix, knead and cook your food, has an integrated kitchen scale, eleven speed levels and a switchable heating function. Mix containers, steam header and other accessories are included in the delivery. 

Kitchens at Lidl
What makes the competition? She does not sleep, of course. At Lidl, there are branded products from Bosch in March. Including a kitchen machine as well as stand, hand and bar mixers

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