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March 02, 2017

Music streaming: Spotify experiments with HiFi option

Music streaming: Spotify experiments with HiFi option

Dost music streaming services transfer the music still in compressed file formats with a maximum sampling rate of 320 kbit / s. For many, this is perfectly adequate, just for real music lovers just not good enough. Up to now, Tidal and Deezer were the only streaming services with an offer for loss-free transmission. Spotify is now also working on a HiFi option.

Spotify-HiFi: Test phase is running
As the Verge reported, the service is currently testing with a small group of existing customers the new service under the title "Spotify HiFi". For a surcharge of 5 to 10 US dollars a month, these users can try the music transmission in CD quality. As some users reported on social networks, the link does not seem to work yet. An official confirmation from Spotify is not yet available.

HiFi quality long overdue
With around 40 million users, the Swedish company is currently the largest streaming service. Music in hi-fi quality (1.411 kbit / s) could be worthwhile for Spotify. In the meantime, most smartphones have a hi-fi system. It is high time, the streaming services retrofit their offers. Against this background, it is surprising that also market giant Apple so far no loss-free music offers. If and when "Spotify HiFi" actually comes, is not yet foreseen.

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