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March 28, 2017

The software tip of the day: program beads free to download

The software tip of the day: program beads free to download

No with a good software feature, a PC is useful and takes you forward. COMPUTER BILD takes away the task of separating the wheat from the chaff: the editorial team constantly tries out a variety of new programs and recommends especially powerful software in corresponding download specials. Here you will find a colorful mix of good free programs, which are surely not a mistake: Let yourself be surprised every day! 

Highlight of the day: TreeSize Free
In case of an acute disk shortage, you may be able to use TreeSize Free. The application shows tabular the mega or gigabyte requirements of partitions as well as folders. You will also find the number of files sorted in it. Clicks on the column buttons arrange the entries. From the program, delete the thickest chunks - via context menu. Because even Windows can not keep up: An overview of your folders print directly. The interface comes in a chic ribbon look - Microsoft has been working on the graphical operating concept for MS Office since 2007. 

Software recommendations of the past months
In the following, the editorial team will present further software recommendations from the years 2015 and 2016. The rummage is worthwhile, practical everyday helpers await you from the fields of tuning and security as well as office, multimedia, browser. Some tools are based on known applications, but they promise to be better in some respects as clones. As with the above software: The tools are mostly compatible with Windows 10.

Worth a look: The top downloads of the month
With each download, COMPUTER PICTURE users declare their vote, which are the most popular programs. COMPUTER BILD once a month summarizes which tools were recently requested. It is worth taking a look at the following gallery : With the programs listed in it, do not go wrong! You can also do everything right with the exclusive full and special versions , which are only available here.

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