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March 02, 2017

ZUtA Pocket Printer: Price, Release, News - Mini-printer for the road!

ZUtA Pocket Printer: Price, Release, News - Mini-printer for the road!

Gross and clunky was yesterday! A printer can also be small and smart. This is proved by six students from the Technical University in Jerusalem. Your idea: A 350 gram lightweight device that prints anywhere, even from your smartphone. On the platform kickstarter they advertised in 2014 for the development of the printer. This year, the ZUtA Pocket Printer is finally to be released in stores.

ZUtA prints up to 100 pages with a cartridge
"Everything must be mobile," wrote the developers of the project on the kickstarter site. Also the printing. That is why the students were oriented towards the development of the everyday life of smartphone users. They therefore equipped the small printing machine with a rechargeable battery. Connected to a PC, the battery charges over a micro-USB cable within three hours. The 350 gram light mobile printer simply travels over the paper, no matter how large or small the sheet is. Sufficient ink for 100 pages is included in the supplied cartridge. The printer is not designed for 100 pages on one slide; Maximum of 60 pages are possible with a battery charge.

Cross over the paper
The printing robot is a take-along gadget. The battery keeps up to one hour in continuous operation and prints just 1.2 pages per minute. The reason for this slow printing speed is the functioning of the printer . With a roll, the little robot flits across the paper and paints the document line by line. This technology differs fundamentally from previous office and photo printers. A sheet is fed in here and the print head moves from the right to the left over the retracted side. Since the mini-printer has a lying, non-moving sheet in front of it, it needs significantly more time. The print resolution of the small ZUtA is 300 dpi.

Printing with Bluetooth
Even when connecting the mini-robot, the idea-makers completely dispense with haptic equipment and ban the unnecessary cable from cafes and train compartments. About WLAN connect smartphone and mini-printers together. The app that lets you use the printer is available for almost all systems: Apple, Android, Linux, and Windows platforms recognize the handheld printer, making printing virtually anywhere. Only the printer is charged by a cable.

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