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April 13, 2017

Amazon Freetime: discovering content together with children

Amazon Freetime: discovering content together with children

You ennen "Yoda I am: Everything I know" or "Greg's diary: surrounded by idiots"? And what the hell is "Bella and the Bulldogs"? These are children's favorite books and a popular film for kids. These and other child-friendly readings, games and films offered by Amazon for some time by "FreeTime" - now wants to enlighten parents and give help. How it works? Read here:

Amazon Freetime
Freetime has started the online retailer Amazon already in June 2015. According to own data, 10 million customers worldwide use this service. FreeTime is a tablet specially adapted for children - for example for devices like the Amazon Fire Kids Edition . The young generation finds here age-appropriate films, books and games. Access, use period and duration can be defined by a password-protected parent area. Cost: 4.99 euros per month. Customers receive all content offered in FreeTime free of charge.

What does the offspring really do?
Gambling, reading and watching movies on the tablet - all this is a welcome change for children. And parents enjoy peace during this time. But also when it concerns age-appropriate contents: What plays, reads and sees the offspring there actually? Instead of reading the entire children's book, spinning the whole movie or playing the game, Amazon offers the parents from now nice extras.

Summary for the parents
Through the website mothers and fathers see which games the offspring gambled, which film he had seen and which book he had read. For each opened content, Amazon also places the duration of use - that is, how many minutes the offspring for example "Bella and the Bulldogs" has looked. And so that parents can have a say, the shipper delivers a short summary of the film.

Ideas for conversations and activities
But it does not leave Amazon and takes the parents formally: with appropriate questions under the summary, mothers and fathers are to come into contact with the children. In the film "Bella and the Bulldogs", Amazon asked the questions "Can girls be part of a boys team?" Or "Can you imagine playing football?". However, the company based in Seattle, USA, wants to bring children and parents together even further. To do this, Amazon provides ideas for activities like "Go into the park and throw a few balls."

Rating Amazon FreeTime
It is easy to place your child in front of a tablet. It is harder to talk about the content consumed. In the first practice test, the summaries proved to be a useful aid. Of course, the mothers and fathers can be found elsewhere in the net. On the new platform , however, they are directly where parents see what their children are currently unloading by tablet . On the other hand, the proposed questions and the themes of activity have a first effect on teachers. But especially in the case of content for young children, parents often find no reference at all. And right here, Amazon offers nice questions to lure children from the reserve. And why after listening to the radio play "Die drei ???: Treasure of the pirates "does not actually implement the proposal of their own treasure search? Away from the tablet, out into nature - that has not hurt a child!

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