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April 11, 2017

Android Apps: The Top 150

Android Apps: The Top 150

The Google Play Store now offers over a million Android apps that will make your smartphone more productive, safer and more entertaining. To find the right application in the big offer is anything but easy - because there are usually several apps that fulfill the desired function. Although there is the possibility to cancel purchased applications, but to test a program thoroughly, it takes time. And you do not need to invest unnecessarily - with the tips of the editorial staff, you quickly find the right application.

Android Apps: Free or Buying?
The share of free apps on the Android market is unusually high - well over 50 percent - and the low-price apps often cost only around 80 cents. So the problem lies in the agony of choice! With so many programs, you just - just as a newcomer - take a break. To help you save money and time into unnecessary programs and download only useful programs, COMPUTER BILD has checked out numerous Android apps and selected the 150 best ones for you.

Tip: Android games
It is no secret that smartphones and tablets are best suited as game consoles - the "Androids" are no exception. Whether you're looking for action, strategy and action, puzzling fun or skill tests, you'll find a matched game - or two or three!

Cancel Android apps
To cancel a purchased app, sign in to your account at . Click View Transactions to view the purchase you want to undo. Click [Seller Name] at the top of the document . Read the seller's policy of shipping / return / refund on the right. If this is not available, you will usually find the terms on the seller's website.

From the Subject drop-down menu, select the option for a refund or return request and type your message in the Message: text box . After entering all the required details, click Send E-Mail . The seller should submit your request within two days. You can also find your return in your Google Checkout account. Google's return date is officially two hours. The process of the app return is explained by Google in detail on a help page.

Discover new apps: The apps of the week
COMPUTER BILD presents weekly recommended apps for Android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone. Explore the new discoveries of the editors. 

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