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April 01, 2017

Apple Store: Developers respond to app reviews

Apple Store: Developers respond to app reviews

For recently rolled Apple the final versions of the new operating system for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Now users have the option to download updates from the App Store. And App developers will have the ability to react to app ratings from customers - which is possible in the Google Play Store for a long time. The time of silence is thus over.

Developers help with problems and questions
Thanks to the new operating system versions, IT experts are able to respond to users' problems and questions via the Apple portal for programmers. In a guide, Apple encourages its developers to respond quickly, precisely and precisely, not posting personal information to users. As soon as a specialist replied, the corresponding customer from Apple receives an e-mail.

Possibility to contact developers
App developers had long lamented the missing option of contacting customers . For some, this was a reason to say goodbye to the Mac App Store. Apple is now likely to move further.

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