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April 22, 2017

Bluetooth speakers: test the best boxes

Bluetooth speakers: test the best boxes

Selbst the best smartphone is little if you want to listen to music on the go there must be a real box! Portable Bluetooth speakers with rechargeable batteries are excellent, but there are now in almost infinitely many variants and price classes. The music can be received without the need for a stripe: Bluetooth transmits songs up to a distance of about 10 meters. Built-in batteries or batteries provide the power and make the small box mobile. Which models sound really good, the test of COMPUTER BILD clarifies.

Rocks every party: Teufel Rockster XS
The Berlin-based producer Teufel has already proved with his disco on roles the Rockster that he knows how to sound a really fat party. The Rockster XS is a radically shrunk version with a similar character. It is designed for outdoor use equipped with a perennial rechargeable battery. Of course the sound can not be left on the road. In this discipline too, power dwarfs the competition: it sounds strong with rich, deep basses and lively, playful highs. An outdoor button is designed to provide more power outside. It affects the sound by amplifying the mids and taking back the basses.

Noble sound puck: Beoplay A1
With its format, the Beoplay A1 remembers the popular Ultimate Ears Roll.The Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A1 is a different way of design: Noble aluminum in a harmonious shape, the A1 is not suitable for outdoability. After all, a leather tracetrack makes the small, surprisingly weighty and therefore worthy appearing loudspeaker prima transportable. It sounds good: warm, balanced, voices discolor it minimally nasal.

Integrated Light Show: The JBL Pulse 2
Refreshingly different, JBLs Pulse 2 is at least visually appealing: it spreads a special ambience that can be adapted to your own preferences, especially in dark surroundings in the evenings on the couch with a cozy light mood. Thanks to its splash-proof housing and the powerful sound, the Pulse 2 is also suitable for use on the bathtub rim or on the terrace. In the field service, the loudspeaker has a very long battery life of 18 hours.

Made for outdoors: Ultimate Ears Wonderboom
With the Wonderboom, UE not only introduces a new format with the well-known and very high-quality case. The Wonderboom also sounds a better nuance than Roll 2 and Boom 2 despite a smaller volume - and above all in the more lively high-frequency range. Already a box provides for powerful mood, in concert, two Wonderboom make loud and powerful enough for extended beach fetish. And with over 18 hours also safe long enough. Good: The coupling with another Wonderboom box now finally works without the app by simultaneously pressing the button on the top.

For the big parties: Teufel Rockster
Not all tested Bluetooth speakers can simply be clamped under the arm and pull out with it: The huge Devil Rockster weighs 34 kilograms and is best to roll forward. Satte 118 decibels sound pressure spat out the monster box in the test lab. For comparison, a passenger aircraft reaches the human ear pain threshold by 130 decibels. At such a brutal volume level, the Rockster loosely loosens every party. Since anger is almost programmed with the police, Teufel provides the first 666 copies with a legal protection against retirement. In addition to the powerful bass, the sound block convinces above all with precise mids and highs, in the test there was the grade 2.21 (good). The catch: The loudspeaker costs almost 1,000 euros.

Can Amazon's echo compete?
Also Amazons loudspeaker Echo has already gone through the COMPUTERBILD-Testparcours. Why does it not appear in the test overview? Listening to music via Bluetooth is only one of the many echo functions, Amazon designed its tube as an all-rounder with language assistant and Smarthome connection. Things that flow into the test score, conventional Bluetooth boxes but can not a direct comparison would be unfair. Looking at only the sound of the echo, it is a bit mau: it is passable, but really rich sound from small housings? This can make other Bluetooth speakers better. At higher volumes the echo is increasingly tinny, sound details or deep basses are largely absent.

Also at home wireless: WLAN speakers
Apart from the monster Teufel Rockster, all the loudspeakers tested are perfect for on the go but at the expense of powerful bass or spatial sound. Who also in the domestic living room without cable messes want to get along, should reach the WLAN box. Models like the Teufel Raumfeld Stereo M are replacing the stereo system in a double pack. WLAN speakers play music from the home network and from the Internet, some thanks to Apple's standard AirPlay wireless from the iPhone or iPad. COMPUTER IMAGE has tested small and large WLAN boxes.

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