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April 23, 2017

Climate Change Coloring Book: Climate change to color

Climate Change Coloring Book: Climate change to color

For adults have come back into fashion for some time. As a rule, the relaxed pastime when switching off in stressful everyday life will help. On the crowdfunding platform kickstarter is now a copy dipped, which is less relaxed, but rather thoughtful. The " Climate Change Coloring Book " by designer Brian Foo is one of the most disturbing issues of our time: climate change. Instead of cute animals or pretty stencils, this book contains illustrations that represent scientific research and environmentally relevant data.

Climate change for painting
This is how self-proclaimed painters experience in a creative way the extent to which the ice of the Arctic 20 years ago - and what has since been lost. For the illustration of air pollution in Beijing, users color the individual days of 2015 according to the degree of smog. The coastal lines can also be colored in the book to see how much land mass falls victim to the rising sea level.

Informed handling of environmental problems
As Foo told The Verge , his coloring book hopes to raise awareness of the current environmental problems and a more informed approach to the subject. Through the active painting process, people are to be more intensively involved with the drama of climate change and learn to access reliable data and information sources. In addition to the causes of climate change, the illustrative data include the effects as well as solutions such as renewable energies.

Available from summer 2017
The 40-page book with over 20 paintings is made of recycled paper and vegetable ink. The kickstarter action continues until May 21, 2017 and has almost doubled the original funding target of 5,000 US dollars. The coloring book will be delivered to the first donors from the summer of 2017.

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