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April 25, 2017

Download Notepad ++, advanced text editor

Download Notepad ++, advanced text editor
Notepad ++ Download is an open source text editor , which has a wide selection of advanced tools, which can be used not only by experienced professionals who are demanding more supervision and control over their projects, but also for the novice with small amount of Know-how looking for a better alternative to the standard Notepad application that comes preinstalled with all versions of the Windows operating system. By managing to extend the capabilities of Notepad, N ++ provides comprehensive professional tools that can be really used by anyone who is in need of any type of advanced text editing tool,
Notepad ++, advanced text editor

Notepad ++ includes a tabbed interface, 2 panel mode, a highlighted code syntax for over 50 of the most popular programming, scripting and branding languages ​​in the world, plus you can work with multiple open files, and much easier to The manipulation of large files. It also has themes, support for plugins, automatic updater, and native support for text management. You can even try to identify the programming language that the user is currently viewing, with the load syntax automatically.

The program comes with many useful features that make working with large text files very easy. Start downloading Notepad ++ free.

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