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April 25, 2017

Download Spotflux, protects your data and privacy

Download Spotflux, protects your data and privacy
Spotflux Download is an application simple and reliable to protect you from online threats, protect your personal data and make your navigation is private . By using the extremely minimal interface and powerful features, this little program will surely become your favorite. Just turn it on and it will immediately start protecting your system, which is perfect for the situation where you are going to connect to public Wi-Fi networks or if you want to quickly protect yourself from sites that you suspect are gathering personal information.
Spotflux, protects your data and privacy

In addition to providing protection against online threats of all kinds, anonymous browsing, manual and automatic proxy channeling, Spotflux has also built the entire add-block protection system, which will work in all browsers and programs you use. In this way, the bandwidth will not be wasted, even in browsers and applications that do not have support for add-block plugins.

The free version of Spotflux is funded by advertising, but has no limitations that jeopardize your online browsing. You will receive all the functions of VPN connection without speed limits and your IP address will be hidden professionally. Spotflux is small, fast, and gives everyone the opportunity to immediately protect against online threats, so do not wait any longer and start downloading Spotflux for free.

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