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April 23, 2017

Download WindowBlinds improves the appearance of your desktop

Download WindowBlinds improves the appearance of your desktop
WindowBlinds Download is a great desktop enhancement tool that can completely change the way your Windows looks and feels, allowing users of all levels of knowledge to easily take full control of their Windows operating system. The program comes with integrated support for several different visual styles , which make it possible to change the appearance of almost all Windows elements, title bars, buttons, menus, taskbar, and more. Thanks to the support of powerful graphics cards of today, the software works without hindering the performance of the equipment.
WindowBlinds improves the appearance of your desktop

The extent to which users can change their Windows operating system, supported by all versions between Windows XP and Windows 8, both 32-bit and 64-bit, is amazing, with even ability to text many native elements of The user interface that was never textured before. All these changes are preformed in the editor, within its very intuitive interface, which can easily manipulate the main sections of the Windows user interface like style, color, texture and background. All these elements have their own tools and sliders that can change their appearance, size, transparency, font usage, colors, and easily save all those changes in templates that can be changed at will.

Then, simply by clicking the "Apply Style" button, your entire Windows interface will instantly transform, which can make ordinary, very happy users, and professionals, confident that their Windows user interface is elegant And appropriate for the placement of your PC in your company. Definitely worth a try, so do not wait any longer and start downloading WindowBlinds for free.

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