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April 01, 2017

StarMoney 11: New banking software in practice check

StarMoney 11: New banking software in practice check

As a result , the number of people who are no longer at the counter, but on the Internet, is increasing. Some 40 million Germans already use the various forms of online banking - more than 50 percent of the population. The software manufacturer StarFinanz has recognized the trend and has now released the purchase functions of its banking app. All information about the new StarMoney reveals COMPUTER BILD. 

StarMoney app now with all the features
The mobile StarMoney has been available for a long time as a free app, but so far has been severely restricted: only the display of the account turnover was possible. Whoever wanted to carry out transfers, had to pay. From now on the Android version StarMoney Phone offers full functionality - and free of charge. After updating to version 3.2.0, users can transfer mobile money, analyze their payment history using graphical evaluations and permanently archive all transactions. With the release of the functions, StarFinanz "meets a large number of customer requirements, making it one of the first companies to offer a banking app with such a large range of functions free of charge". The iOS version is currently also updated according to the manufacturer and is expected to follow in the second quarter of 2017. Then also on the iPhone and iPad all functions are available free of charge. The exception, however, remains the cloud function for synchronizing with other devices such as the PC. For this the user has to subscribe to the new StarMoney Flat - see below.

StarMoney 11: What can the new PC version?
In addition to the financial portals of the financial institutions and the increasingly popular banking apps, traditional account management programs are also trying to score points with comfort and additional features. In particular, the low retention period of sales is unfortunately still the great shortcoming with many in-house apps and portals of the banks and savings banks. While transactions are normally only available for up to 90 days, programs such as StarMoney store all sales permanently. COMPUTER BILD, the new version 11 of the popular software has looked at and reveals what translators can expect. 

User interface
Whoever sees StarMoney for the first time is quickly struck by the abundance of features. The new version 11 does not change anything. After all, producer StarFinance has cleaned up the software somewhat. For a better overview, the more contrast-rich interface, the clever navigation area, which can now be hidden by a click, and the new menu bar, in which little used functions have disappeared. StarMoney new entrants benefit from the fact that the manufacturer has also simplified the creation of accounts by removing rather exotic options from the focus. Nevertheless, the program can continue to manage accounts and credit cards from over 2,000 financial institutions. Also modern means of payment such as PayPal, Amazon and Ebay, Stockdepots, Handyvertr√§ge, Loans and insurance manages the program in a common interface. 

Improved report functions
Since banking programs such as StarMoney have unlimited access to sales, they offer much more meaningful evaluations of the personal financial situation than the three-month limited offerings of the banks. Thanks to a new wizard, users are now able to create an individual analysis cockpit from preconfigured reports with just a few clicks and choose between pie, bar and curve, or simple text presentation. The improved payment calendar now lists all upcoming transactions clearly, and the new monthly evaluation also shows how much money is still left at the end of the money.

Invoices land less and less in the mailbox, but often as a PDF file in the e-mail mailbox. StarMoney 11 has therefore finally got a function for reading digital invoices, which all data automatically inserted into SEPA transfer templates. Small hook: In order for the program to read files, they are first sent via Internet to an external service provider who analyzes them and stores them for up to four weeks (see picture above). If you do not want to, you could print the files alternatively and scan them with the StarMoney app for smartphones and tablets. Here, however, there are two hooks: The scanning function is currently still in development and therefore not available in the apps. In addition, the apps do not synchronize themselves in the free version with the PC program. You need the Cloud version of StarMoney, which is only available in a costly flat rate - see next section. If you would like to transfer paper invoices to StarMoney at the moment, you still have to take pictures with your mobile phone, transfer them to PC as a picture or PDF file and then import them with StarMoney. With PDF files worked very well in the test right away, but with photos in the jpeg format it hails error messages.

StarMoney Flat: The cloud only in the subscription
In addition to the classic Windows version, StarMoney 11 is also available in the cloud. As a result, users have access to their data, not only on the PC, but also in the browser, on the smartphone and tablet. In addition, the StarMoney version for the Mac is available free of charge to the Cloud users. Who wants to use the offer, however, must pay a proud monthly subscription price of 5.49 euros. The costs for the single-user version have already been collected in this way after ten months - an expensive fun. If you do not need Cloud and Apps, the conventional single-user version is significantly cheaper. By the way: The apps for iOS and Android can of course also free download and use - see above. They synchronize themselves without flat-subscription but not over the cloud with the domestic PC. 

StarMoney 11: price and versions
What would we be with the bill. The standard version of StarMoney 11 ("Basis") costs as a single purchase for a PC or notebook 54.90 euros or 2.79 euros in the monthly subscription. If you want to use the Windows software as well as the Mac program and the Cloud together with Apps, the already mentioned StarMoney-Flat for 5.49 Euro per month. In addition to the basic version, there is also a deluxe version of the banking software. This contains additional functions, for example for freelancers, and replaces the previous plus version. StarMoney Deluxe costs 74.90 euros as a single purchase or 3.79 euros in the subscription. All variants are available in the StarMoney shop . By the way, owners of StarMoney 10, StarMoney 9.0, StarMoney 9.0 Pocket and StarMoney Plus can access the base or 44, 90 Euro to the Deluxe version. A pity: When switching to the cloud, existing customers do not get a discount.

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