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May 02, 2017

Download Caliber: Organize your eBooks

Download Caliber: Organize your eBooks
Caliber Download is an application that allows you to organize and manage your entire collection of eBooks ,and you can perform different actions that will allow you to control all the books you have, so you can convert or export them and best of all, it can be used In different supports.

When the list of documents increases you need to apply the manager and that is the role that Caliber will fulfill , since this allows you to sort according to the title of the document, the author, or the date you added them, you can even do it Do for the size.

Caliber also allows you to include tags and comments. But not only this, it also allows the conversion of formats , which allows the compatibility of various formats allowing synchronization, so you will no longer have problems when opening different formats.

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