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May 14, 2017

Download The File Shredder

Download The File Shredder
The File Shredder Download This program is called Directly,Crusher,and is available for Windows XP, Vista and Seven operating systems. It weighs only one MB, is in Spanish and is free.

When you want to delete data from your PC, you are likely to look for an application to do it quickly and simply, but above all, for sure. For this, you can download Crusher, a practical program for this purpose.

It is a tool to remove the data that is stored in the hard disk of your computer that overwrites the data several times to prevent that they can be recovered, even with other applications designed for it.

The highlight of Crusher is that it writes about the file, changing its name and date so that no expert can retrieve it. You only have to drag what you want to eliminate to the crusher and go. It is more than simple to use and you will even have fun with it.

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