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May 02, 2017

Download Firefox 12 free

Download Firefox 12 free
Firefox 12 Download One of the legally downloadable Internet browsers is the latest version of Firefox, Firefox 12 . We have to remember that Firefox appeared at a time when Netscape had disappeared and there was only the unique option of Internet Explorer.

The great advantage of Firefox is that it continues to gain power and versatility, which is something desirable and is confirmed with each update. In the latest version, in Firefox 12 , you can see the following modernizations, such as obvious improvements in the loads as in the javascript and a new design that helps to make the best use of it.

In addition, version 12 of Firefox , can support without major problems such as HTML5 and CSS3, along with a modified management as well as improved extensions and a matching of privacy options. Despite this, it is still somewhat inferior to Chrome, the Google browser, in terms of lightness and applications.

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