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May 31, 2017

Download Microsoft Flight

Download Microsoft Flight
Microsoft Flight Download The successor to the popular Flight Simulator can be downloaded for free in your computer within a few months, more precisely, in March. The company wants to offer the option "Free to Play" (free game).

This new game will allow you to fly a plane in a very realistic way and with all the complete controls. The stage chosen is the island of Hawaii, there you can demonstrate your skills as a pilot with excellent graphics and incredible details to make the experience more real.

Those users who have the service Games for Windows Live will be able to access extra contents, among which stand out new aircraft, missions or an online profile of your skills. In addition, you can buy additional content if you prefer.

It has also been confirmed that Microsoft Flight will be the first video game in which it will be able to use Icon A5, which is still in the production phase.

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