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May 09, 2017

Download PDF Creator: PDF file creator

Download PDF Creator: PDF file creator
PDFCreator Download ,is a PDF file creator from any program that works as if it were a virtual printer.It has the advantage that it can be installed in a very short time, and its operation is literally the same as a printer.

How can I create a PDF file with PDF Creator? In order to create a PDF document with this program, only the document must be requested by any program, such as Word. Then you should choose PDFCreator as the printer to use. Next, a panel appears where you must write the data of the document as the title of the document, author, subject, among others.

In the PDF Creator control panel , the PDFCreator print buttons appear, which allow you to save the PDF. Subsequently, this can be sent by email or placed in the print queue. After this, you can already have your PDF document ready to occupy.

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