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May 13, 2017

Download Picasa from Google for free

Download Picasa from Google for free
Picasa Download A good tool that greatly facilitates our work, which Google proposes, is the image editor of Picasa.

A simple and easy to use program, one of the best Google tools,is Picasa,a simple and elegant program. Picasa,since its launch, has become one of the most popular image viewers of all, as it is not only an image organizer but also brings some pretty interesting extras.

One of the most important functions of Picasa , in addition to the automatic retouching of light and color, is the creation of collages, in this way any of us can become an eximio creator of collages or pictures to give our friends.

Picasa has a web version, PicasaWeb , that allows you to share albums up to 1 Gb in network. Another of the activities that Picasa allows you, is to incorporate text to the photographs, complementing the possibility of creating great paintings and mosaics.

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