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June 02, 2017

Download Alienforce 1.0.1 free

Download Alienforce 1.0.1 free
Alienforce 1.0.1 free Download If you like the FireFox Browser, you have tried the new FireFox 8, but you are looking for a new emotion when browsing cyberspace and, besides you are a crazy of the outer space and the alien life, we present to you this spectacular Internet Browser Alienforce in its first version.

This browser is just like firefox, with the same options and just as fast and easy to manage. It is a free code browser with a particular theme, the aliens. Alienforce replaces the famous Fox of FireFox by an alien and the whole aspect of the browser turns in turns to this space theme.

One of the different features of FireFox is that in its home page, which is the one you can see in the photo, it has shortcuts to Facebook, Twiter, Myspace, mail accounts and many more.

It also has a colorful and useful side toolbar that gives another original touch to this great browser.

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