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June 04, 2017

Download Android Skin Pack 2.0 free

Download Android Skin Pack 2.0 free
Android Skin Pack 2.0 free Download If you like the Android operating system for Android and you want to have it in the PC version, you only need to have the windows 7 operating system and download this fantastic program to customize the whole system as if it were an Android. Fantastic, right?.

If you are a fan of the aesthetic changes in your computer because you bored to have on the screen always the same icons, with this program you can have a new personalization of your pc.

The only problem that can be put is that it is only compatible with Windows 7 but skipped this problem, we will note that it is inspired by the operating system Android 4.0, which has five different backgrounds of high quality.

It transforms all elements of Windows without problems and has a Dock to access all your files and programs.

It is also very easy to install on your computer, has a wizard that will help you step by step to transform the operating system windows 7 into the Android for mobile.

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