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June 04, 2017

Download Clownfish for Skype 2.30

Download Clownfish for Skype 2.30
Clownfish for Skype 2.30 Download Here we have an excellent program, a great complement to the so downloaded and used Skype,one of the network operators known Internet Networking.With this impressive accessory for Skyp e you will have a lot of new possibilities with your Skype, among them we will highlight the following ones:

It is a translator of the chat that you are doing with the person from another country, in such a way that you write in Spanish and the other person receives it in your language and vice versa. The translations can be done through Google, Bing, Yahoo, Babylon, Promt and SysTran.

Another possibility of this great program is the automatic correction through OpenOffic and for more than 50 languages .

It also reads with artificial voice chat messages that are coming in and can record the calls you make.

Among its fun properties is the ability to play background music while chatting or a menu with emoticons and ASCII drawings.

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