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June 17, 2017

Download CometBird 7.0.1 free

Download CometBird 7.0.1 free
CometBird Download Do you want to try a new web browser ? Are you looking for a new experience to surf the Internet ?, Did you think it would be impossible to avoid Internet explorer, Mozilla or Google Chrome ?. Well, here we present the new browser CometBird , with many advantages over your competitors that we are going to teach you.

It has an appearance very similar to the well-known Mozilla Firefox Web browser, but it has some important differences and advantages that we are going to comment to you.

For starters, this browser consumes very few resources so the experience of  searching and browsing the Internet will be much faster. On the other hand, its biggest advantage is that your bookmarks, bookmarks or favorites save them on-line, so that no matter what computer you use, or where, you will always have access to your favorite pages without the discomfort of having to Look for them every time you use another computer or go elsewhere.

It also has a built-in download manager so you can download images, videos, whatever you want. A highly recommended experience, surf the Internet with CometBird.

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