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June 01, 2017

Download Ghost'n Goblins Platform game

Download Ghost'n Goblins Platform game
Ghoulsn Ghosts Download 1.0 is a free classic PC game that got hooked up to many generations during the 90's.The game was developed by Capcom in 1988 starting in recreational around the world.

After the overwhelming success that obtained this popular game, exported to the most important consoles of the time and later extended its use for PC.

The objective is to overcome the routes proposed, safeguarding against all types of enemies and obstacles in the old style. Ghoulsn Ghosts has four levels of difficulty and although a priori, it might seem that it is a very short game, it really is not, since each of the levels that make up the game are much longer than Would be a standard level, so the extension is not far from other games of its kind.

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