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June 04, 2017

Download Owley 1.1 free

Download Owley 1.1 free
Owley 1.1 free Download With this amazing application for your pc you can make screenshots, edit them and share them online.The program allows you to take the photo of your screen, then gives you the option of being able to edit it, entering texts and being able to upload it to the Internet, in a way that will generate a URL that you can share with whoever you want. We find it a great program with many utilities in business, schools or to have fun sharing information, because not.

It is a simple application to share what you are doing or seeing in a given instant on the screen of your pc, a simple screenshot.The captures can be complete or partial of what appears in the monitor of your pc.

It also offers up to 50 megabytes free to share your screenshots on the Net.

It is very fast and effective and allows you to draw or write about the capture made, allowing you to give indications of what you are seeing.

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