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June 02, 2017

Download Seterra 4.02.13 free

Download Seterra 4.02.13 free
Seterra 4.02.13 free Download We present you on this occasion an educational geography program to have a good time and learn a lot about the geography of our planet earth. The program called Seterra is free and will not bother you on your pc as it uses very few resources when you use it. If you are a father you can help your children learn a lot of geography and also have a good time playing with them.

With Seterra you will learn through an attractive interface with maps, flags and others, where are all the countries of the world, their capitals, their flags and also mountains, volcanoes, rivers, everything you need to know to the last corner of Planet Earth.

Not only is it for children, to  learn the geography of the earth but also for adults to have a good time learning and being amazed at the amount of geography data they were missing to learn.

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