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June 16, 2017

Download ShareMouse Beta 1.0.52 free

Download ShareMouse Beta 1.0.52 free
ShareMouse Download Do you imagine being able to control several screens of several computers with the same mouse ? Well it is already possible with this fantastic application called ShareMouse. It works very well and allows you to perform jobs between several computers in a much more comfortable and with a single mouse.

If you have multiple computers connected on the network and you are using them simultaneously for some work you are doing, you will be amazed to see how the mouse pointer jumps from one screen to another as if it were the continuation of the same desktop. Without doubt, an application to facilitate many works.

You can also drag with the mouse pointer, files from one computer to another and copy them to the hard disk, without having to go through USB, as simple as if they were the same computer.

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