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June 18, 2017

Download Weezo 3.0 free

Download Weezo 3.0 free
Weezo Download is an application that will allow you to control your computer from the internet from anywhere, as long as you are connected, It seems incredible, but it is a software with infinite practical applications, from simply knowing something I need from my files at that moment in which I do not I have my computer to applications for online technical assistance for clients of some company.

Weezo is a web server with lots of possible uses. They give you the possibility to configure your profile to be able to access with your user and password through this webpage to your session just like if you did with Windows.

You can perform a complete, remote and totally personalized management of your computer, even better than from your own computer giving greater security to your files or any other type of content.

In short an excellent program, although a bit difficult to use at the beginning but for it in its official page there are many video tutorials to help you in this magnificent software.

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