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June 17, 2017

Download Wlan Optimizer 0.21 Alpha free

Download Wlan Optimizer 0.21 Alpha free
Wlan Optimizer 0.21 Alpha Download If your Internet connection works via Wi-Fi , forget about searching the Internet for ways to make home-built antennas to improve the signal. Now it's available on the net for free this great program that will optimize your Wi-Fi connection to the maximum , making your speed to surf the Internet increase or, in any case, the daily problems with the Wi-Fi Router disappear.

With Wlan optimizer your wi-fi connection problems are going to end. This program works by stopping the WiFi scans that occur in the background in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP, improving the latency times and the speed of wireless connections.

Where else you will notice the improvement is in the streaming when watching videos from YouTube or other Internet sites. Unfortunately, we have to say that it does not work with all models of WiFi routers.

If you have problems with your wireless connection or simply want to try out if you can go even better, install this program and see the difference.

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