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February 27, 2017

Bundestag elections: government forbids self-help

Bundestag elections: government forbids self-help

The self-portrait by smartphone has long been a cult and has become an integral part of most areas of life. Not even before important political events, the Selfie fans stop more. For example, the hype in the US elections at the end of 2016 caused a stir after many Americans had posted a picture of their filled ballot on social networks. In order to ensure that electoral secrecy is not violated in the coming Bundestag elections, the Federal Ministry of the Interior now wants to ban photographing and filming with the smartphone in election booths.

New regulation before Bundestag elections
As the mirror reported last Saturday, the ministry wants to pass the new regulation before the Bundestag elections in September. Accordingly, Paragraph 56 of the Federal Electoral Code shall be amended accordingly. "The protection of the election secrecy" is to be expressly stated in the federal election regulation that "can not be photographed or filmed", it was said at the weekend from government circles. Whoever opposes this and still makes pictures in the election chamber, could lose his right to vote for future elections.

Selfie scandal in US elections
The reason for the new arrangement were various incidents in the US elections by the end of 2016. For example, Eric Trump, the son of the new US President Donald Trump, had directly posted a photo of his voice for the father on Twitter from the election booth. And even singer Justin Timberlake could not resist a ballot selfis. Since such photos are also banned in the US state of New York, both of them removed their photos shortly afterwards.

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