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February 27, 2017

New Smartphones 2017: Huawei, HTC, Samsung, Sony & Co.

New Smartphones 2017: Huawei, HTC, Samsung, Sony & Co.

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, ​​the smartphone manufacturers are launching a fireworks display on new devices. The highlights of the MWC, which runs from 27 February to 2 March 2017, have been compiled by COMPUTER BILD in this overview. Not only that, just before the turn of the year, a whole wave of fresh mobile phones has landed on the market, many of the mobile companions have already tested COMPUTER BILD. The picture gallery gives an overview of current novelties and upcoming highlights.

You do not have to talk long drumherum - the highlight of the LG G6 is the huge and, above all, innovative 5.7-inch screen (14.5 cm). In an area where exactly this innovation was the last shortage of smartphones with similar and fast-running smartphones, the bright and colorful 18: 9 screen is a welcome change. You read correctly: 18: 9! The new image format allows for compact image diameters comparable to the Galaxy S7 Edge of 148.9x71.9x7.9 millimeters. It is also the first smartphone with HDR and DolbyVision.

Samsung Galaxy: From all the pipes
Samsung-typical, the South Koreans publish new smartphones on the go - and can not be unsettled by the battery battered Galaxy Note 7 last year. On the contrary: On 29 March the South Koreans introduce the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S8 in New York. In the next generation, the top model Galaxy S could also be another XXL smartphone. Samsung is working on a Galaxy S8 Plus with a huge 6-inch screen and an integrated display pen. In addition, the first rumors are the note 8 , possibly with 4K display and AI assistants. And the medium class is also gaining momentum: the new models Galaxy A3 (2017) and Galaxy A5 (2017) appeared in February . In the meantime, beginners are coming to the Galaxy J5 (2016) , which just before Christmas 2016 also in Germany came into the trade, or wait for the newer (and probably somewhat smaller) Galaxy J3 (2017) .

The HTC U Ultra as well as its small sister model HTC U Play are different: aluminum has almost completely disappeared, only appears as a frame. The front and body are now completely made of Gorilla Glass 5, layered in several layers. If light falls on it, the color effect of the layers varies. Thus the white case glistens silvery, glides elsewhere in the bright yellow. And the dark blue model, in the normal case almost black, flashes with the corresponding light effect Marinblau. Unlike the Galaxy S7 Edge by Erzkonkurrent Samsung, the glass on HTC is curved on all sides equally, thus feels almost organic. The surface is smooth and glossy, coated with a greasy coating. But it is still a fingerprint magnet.

In 2016 Apple released the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus again two top smartphones, which impress with regard to speed, processing and reception - but also offer little new. Trumps the larger iPhone 7 Plus with the dual back camera, lacking real innovation with the little brother. The lack of the jack connector for the headphones is still the strongest. Apple fans expect 2017 therefore great of the cult manufacturer from Cupertino - because this year the iPhone celebrates 10 years anniversary . Rumor has it that Apple is working in a development center in Israeli Herzliya on the iPhone 8 . Apparently, the next iPhone generation will consist of three devices: two "normal" iPhones and a luxury variant. It remains exciting, which advantages a noble iPhone could offer.

Honor 6X: Preistipp with dual camera
While Huawei is becoming more and more popular with well-equipped smartphones of the upper and middle class, it is anything but bad for Honor. The mobile phones of Huawei subsidiaries are known for their good value for money - a reputation that the Chinese continue to cement with the Honor 6X . In the test convinced the chic aluminum android with its strong recharge time and the dual camera on the back. This allows hobby knikers a deep-focus effect, the Apple trailer of the iPhone 7 Plus know. Thus, the background blur with images with both lenses blurred, the subject in the foreground is highlighted. Also good for a mid-class device: Directly under the camera sits a fingerprint sensor, which unlocks the smartphone quickly and precisely.

New Smartphones 2017: Huawei, HTC, Samsung, Sony & Co.

Huawei Mate 9: China breaks the battery record
Already with the Mate 8 , Huawei made a clear announcement: Samsung and Apple - attracts you warm! The Chinese manufacturer wants to be among the top smartphone players worldwide, not just at home, but worldwide. With the Mate 9 , Huawei provides a few more good arguments: despite the sharp giant display with 5.9 inches, it is smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus with its 5.5-inch screen. The renouncement of a large frame makes it neat and the device can be better use of obendrein - so looks great smartphone design! On the battery, Huawei gets really far out: The black block in the Mate 9 comes to an impressive 4,000 Milliampertenunden and pulled in the laboratory test all registers. It was only after 17 hours and 44 minutes that he went out of his way with intensive use - a new record!

OnePlus 3T: New edition with more power
OnePlus has always had a lot of fans. Reason: While Samsung & Co. rotate more and more at the price screw, the manufacturer stands since its early days for top technology at a relatively cheap price. If the first smartphones were only on invitation and therefore hard to get, the company goes new ways with the sale of the OnePlus 3 : Everybody can order the powerful mobile phone in the official onlineshop. Now OnePlus is still a shake on it: The fresh OnePlus 3T is almost identical to the current flagship, but inside is the faster Snapdragon 821 processor from Qualcomm. So that the mobile phone nevertheless long enough persists, the manufacturer has a larger battery installed.

Kodak Ektra: Normalo in exotic fur
After the IM5 from 2015, Kodak tries on a second smartphone and donates to the Ektra an extravagant housing in the compact camera look. On closer inspection however follows the disappointment follows: The huge camera attachment is more apparent than being, the actual lens as flat and small as with other mobile phones. Although the lens with its 21 megapixels sharp images, the performance of the top competition, the Ektra in the test but then did not approach. Also annoying: the camera is anything but fast. Beyond the photo quality, buyers with Kodak's new mobile companion get abundant technology from the upper middle class.

Knarthart tested
The COMPUTER BILD test tests numerous criteria under laboratory conditions. Only an all-round smartphone conquers the top of the list.

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