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March 25, 2017

Hidden Features: All this can go Google Maps

Hidden Features: All this can go Google Maps

Soth the app and the desktop version of Google Maps offers many features. For most, the service may be used to determine the location, others help the software either by navigating in the city or by driving. However, Google is constantly evolving the service, hiding most of the new features but in small menus, which can not be found right away. Do you know, for example, that cities can be stored offline and that you do not need Internet access to the app abroad? Or do you know the average rush hour in restaurants or shops? You want to be a few minutes to the Google Maps professional? Here are 20 functions that will make your life easier!

Google Maps: From home through the world
Google does not only help in the search for a specific goal. Since Street View, the last corner of the world is just a click away. But you have no idea where to start the search? How about the most beautiful places in the world ? Or a trip to Machu Picchu , the red rock city of Petra , Kenya , Madagascar , the seabed , Loch Ness , along the Danube , Brazil , Mont Blanc or Buckingham Palace , Mount Everest or Amazon ? The possibilities are almost limitless.

Offline navigation
Admittedly, a major weakness of Google's app is the use of the Internet. Although it is possible temporarily to deposit areas in the smartphone memory, however, this is not suitable for longer trips or spontaneous missions in emergency situations. So if you need a navigation that does not require a connection to the Internet, you should have an alternative. COMPUTER BILD has compiled 11 offline navigation apps for you.

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