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March 25, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8: Release, Leaks, Rumors, News

Samsung Galaxy S8: Release, Leaks, Rumors, News

Die smartphone world holds his breath - the Samsung Galaxy S8 is just around the corner! On 29th March the South Koreans present their eagerly anticipated flagship in New York. After the mega-failure with the grade 7 , Samsung has to deliver. The IT giant, who is usually so successful, needs a sign again, which is a mixture of the best lists and the sales charts. Until the official presentation, there are rumors about rumors. COMPUTER BILD already brings light into the speculation dark, summarizes the most conclusive rumors and dares to preview the Galaxy S8. And: Although Leak professionals have already revealed many secrets to the new Samsung flagship, the rumored kitchen continues to cook until the official performance.

Galaxy-S8-Design: Could also be an S7
"The first impression is always the most important," says the Volksmund. If you see the previously leaked images of the Galaxy S8, you may be surprised by the amazing similarity to the S7 predecessor. If the rumors are true, much remains the same in the design. At the front and at the rear, the S8 is protected by a break-proof glass, while the curved frame is made of metal. Numerous sensors are recognizable on the upper edge. According to speculation, this is the Iris scanner known from Note 7, an LED flash and the normal Selfie camera and the usual light and proximity sensor together with status LED. Looking down, however, owner of the previous models left at first helpless. The Homebutton disappears, the fingerprint sensor integrated in the S8 suddenly sits behind - right next to the camera.

Galaxy-S8-Display: Wide screen with little frame
With the Galaxy S8, Samsung puts on gigantic displays. According to rumors, the standard model has a screen diagonal of 5.8 inches, the plus version with even 6.2 inches - probably with the extended and LG G6 known QHD resolution ( 2960 x 1440 pixels) Conditions. Nevertheless, the new mobile phones are comparatively compact. Thanks to the extremely narrow edges, the abandonment of a Homebutton and the new aspect ratio of 18.5: 9, the mobile phones are therefore only slightly larger and in part even narrower than the models of the competition.

The comparison with the iPhone 7 shows that the S8 is a good centimeter longer and a narrow millimeter wider. For this, the S8 impresses a proud 1.1 inch more image area. In return, Samsung's Galaxy S8 Apple's 3D touch idea could pick up: According to rumors, the device also has a technique, by which you intensively presses on the touchscreen submenus with additional functions. Also in conversation: virtual controls, so-called on-screen buttons. This means: Displayed buttons on the touchscreen replace the physical buttons and printed icons such as the Home button.

Galaxy-S8-Hardware: Schneller geht nicht
The Galaxy S8 is expected to be the first smartphone with Qualcomm's Super Processor Snapdragon 835 - breaking all speed records. The special feature is that the processor is manufactured in Samsung's new 10-nanometer FinFET process, which is why Qualcomm apparently also first equipped Samsung with the new high-end CPU. Although Samsung has not yet officially confirmed its use in the Galaxy S8, there is much to be said about it. Alternatively, the Galaxy S8 - like the S7 - may vary with different processors depending on the region: As a successor of the Samsung Exynos 8890 used in the S7, the Exynos 8895 would also be questioned. The faster UFS 2.1 flash memory is supposed to provide even more speed. On the S6 and S7, UFS 2.0 modules were used. 

That's why it's better than the normal P10 claims the frequently considered reliable inside information from VentureBeat , Samsung does not miss a new upgrade to its upcoming flagship at the memory. According to the report, the manufacturer installed in the S8 - as with the Galaxy S7 - only 4 gigabytes of RAM. It is now unlikely that South Koreans, who are keen to experiment, like parts of the competition to 6 or even 8 gigabytes of memory. The internal memory should be 64 gigabytes and continue to be expandable with a microSD by currently up to 256 gigabytes. New on board are possibly two speakers.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Release, Leaks, Rumors, News

Galaxy S8 Camera: No dual camera
In the COMPUTER BILD design study , the Galaxy S8 has two camera modules on the back. This makes various zoom options and depth-depth experiments like the Apple iPhone 7 Plus or the Huawei P10 conceivable. A dream dream, as the current smell shows. Thus, according to VentureBeat on the cameras compared to the Galaxy S7 almost nothing changes. The main camera should be equipped with a classic and a 12-megapixel resolution. An 8-megapixel camera is used. 

For Samsung donated to a report by SamMobile According to the Galaxy S8 an extraordinary slow-motion function. Accordingly, with the rear camera up to 1. 000 images per second! An additional camera sensor allows the feature rumored. The component should even be equipped with a memory. Thus, Samsung's new smartphone would even surpass the amazing values ​​of the Xperia XZ Premium announced by Sony at the end of February 2017 - according to company figures according to 960 pictures. 

Samsung Galaxy S8: Price and Release
Black Sky, Orchid Gray and Arctic Silver: In these three color versions, Samsung is likely to launch its S8 on March 29th. Behind the three names, the colors black, gray (with light pink stitch) and silver-white are simply hidden. Supposedly Samsung extends the color palette for the entire S-Class after the sales start. Even the prices are already circulating: If Samsung insider Evan Blas alias evleaks once again right, the S8 will cost 799 euros and the S8 + 899 euros. The desktop expedition dock is supposed to be there for 150 euros. With it, the Galaxy S8 can be turned into a desktop environment. How Samsung is implementing this, you will find out at this point no later than March 29th.

First assessment of the Galaxy S8
In the present information on the S8, Techie hearts beat faster: the rumors so far point to a top model with many technical refinements. On March 29th, Samsung will be presenting smartphones of the year. However, one can also be curious how the length-grown display is striking in everyday life. And, whether the smartphone is synonymous without home button on the front is good to use. For interested buyers the view of the price tag is also interesting: If Samsung the prices of its two top models in comparison with the predecessors actually increased by 100 euros each, the magic 1,000-euro mark is not far. Whether the faithful Samsung supporters want to continue and pay for this premium way after the note 7 debacle?

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