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March 25, 2017

Is there an EU sales stop for smartphones, tablets and navi?

Is there an EU sales stop for smartphones, tablets and navi?

Es sounds like a bad joke, but from summer onwards, all wireless devices must disappear from the sales shelves - and all over Europe! Debt is an expiring EU directive on technical standards - the EU Commission has simply forgotten the elaboration of new standards. Affected by the ban on sales are smartphones, tablets, navigation devices, smartwatches and WLAN routers.

Blue letter to the European Commission
To prevent this, the Federal Government urges the rapid resolution of the problem in an internal letter to the responsible industrial commissioner, Elzbieta Bienkowski. The letter to the world states: "After the end of the transitional period, countless new, innovative products will not be launched on the market since June 2017 due to the lack of approval standards. Old products from thousands of European manufacturers can no longer be sold and must be taken from the market, "the world quoted.

Economic chaos
If no transitional periods are granted in the short term, the sales permit for countless electrical appliances will be extinguished. This chaos would have far-reaching consequences - not only for consumers, warns Brigitte Zypries, Federal Minister of Economics: "Without a new standard," not only economic damage in all member states and numerous companies but also dangers for jobs in the electrical and electronics industry as well as in trade ".

Is there an EU sales stop for smartphones, tablets and navi?

EU Directive without new standards
The new directive is already valid from summer 2016 onwards, but the standardization organization ETSI , which is responsible for the timely implementation, has "penned", according to the Federal Government, and has not yet completed and published all the new standards. Setting up a transition period has obviously been lost sight of. Now lacks the time to remedy the maladministration in time. Specifically, it is here to control for the 5-GHz WLAN standard .

Longer transition period
In order to put an end to the whole haunts, the easiest solution is to extend the transition period. This is the only way to close the regulatory gap in the short term and avoid chaos. So it remains exciting in the next few weeks which short-term solution the EU Commission proposes. COMPUTER BILD keeps you up to date.

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