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March 26, 2017

Libratone Q Adapt In-Ear: test of the In-Ear with Lightning, noise canceling and more

Libratone Q Adapt In-Ear: test of the In-Ear with Lightning, noise canceling and more

Test Conclusion: You must know
The Libratone Q Adapt In-Ear looks smart and has good noise canceling. However, it works only with Apple devices with Lightning connection. The Libratone Q Adapt In-Ear with its clear mids is in any case correct for the price of around 170 euros.

Noise-canceling is the current top trend. After Bose , Sennheiser, JBL or Sony build more and more manufacturers an electronic noise brake in her headphones. Even in-ear models like the Libratone Q Adapt In-Ear have such a noise killer. The light can be adjusted at the push of a button, the necessary power is provided by the Lightning connector.

Libratone Q Adapt: ​​Noise-canceling in four stages
Properly, the Libratone Q Adapt has Apple's Lightning connection and fits only on iPhones, iPads and iPods. The advantage: While other noise-canceling headphones need their own batteries, the Libratone still feeds its energy supply at the player. The noise canceling is adjustable in several steps - Libratone calls the "City Mix". At a small stage, the listener gets a little bit of the environment with, at the highest level hardly yet. Then the headphones produce audible noise. After the test, Libratone released a firmware update that significantly reduced the noise. The "Hush" function is helpful. Thus, the music is mute and the wearer listens to his environment through the headphone. Between the modes, it can be changed easily by pressing a key on the remote control or in the app.

King in the Middle Kingdom
The electronics in Lightning headphones also allow the manufacturers a sound tuning, which normal headphones do not have to do without. The Q Adapt makes it a bit gentler compared to the competition, the in-ear headphone plays its strengths in the mids. They sound clean, clear and detailed, but in the higher pitches and the deepest basses it gets a little soft. Overall, the Libratone looks so tired or relaxing - depending on the point of view.

Pleasant in-ear plug
The design of the approx. 20 gram stoppers from Denmark has been really successful. They do not sit like normal in-ear headphones deep in the auditory canal, but something before it. So they are also very comfortable to wear over long periods. The fabric-coated cable is comfortable and transmits only little noise into the headphones. In addition to the button for noise canceling, two buttons for volume and title control as well as one for answering the call - the smartphone can remain in the pocket. The Libratone Q Adapt is also available as an on-ear version, but then with Bluetooth instead of lightning plugs.

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