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March 25, 2017

Plant solutions for indoors - Wallfarm creates clean air

Plant solutions for indoors - Wallfarm creates clean air

Plant plants need space and sufficient natural daylight. However, only a few apartments are equipped with large windows, which provide daylight for many plants. The cultivation of fruits and vegetables is actually not possible, except for the small bedroom Kräuterbeets in the apartment. For this purpose, there will now be plant solutions for indoor use with the Wallfarm.

The Wallfarm is supposed to be a garden room in the shape of a wall. In fact, this is a shelf wall in which lettuce, herbs , strawberries or ornamental plants grow and thrive on one another. Adequate light provides artificial light. Click & Grow is the name of the system, so switch it on and grow it.

The Wallfarm with Click & Grow technology
The Click & Grow System is specially designed for the growth of fruits, leaf vegetables and herbs as well as decorative plants. The plant substrate, the lighting and the water supply contribute to rapid plant growth. According to the vendor, the plants are also so nutritious be as if they were growing in the garden soil. No fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides are used. Practically, plant solutions are available for indoors like the wall farm in the private sector as well as in schools, restaurants or in the freshness department of a grocery store. With the Wallfarm you also turn the balcony of your town apartment into a small green oasis. The plant shelf is also an optical attraction and contributes to the improvement of the room climate. The plant Soil Soil provides the plants with nutrients according to the natural life cycle. Small oxygen pockets in the substrate provide the plants with sufficient oxygen even when the soil is wet. In addition, the substrate is given a balanced PH value.

Wall Farm supplies plants at the push of a button
The LED lamps integrated in the shelves provide the plants with an optimal light spectrum in the respective compartment below, thereby accelerating plant growth. Irrigation is also automatic. You only have to ensure that the water containers are always filled sufficiently. The system is equipped with sensors that indicate when the plants need water, nutrients and light. The sensors automatically trigger the supply of the plants as soon as you switch on the wall farm.

Fresh herbs and vitamins in subscription
Even the delivery of new plants takes place automatically with the extraordinary plant solutions for the interior of Wallfarm. Many of the herbs as well as fruit and vegetable plants are one year old, others occasionally need a refresher. For this, the plants of the Click & Grow system offer numerous plants for re-ordering. However, you also have the option to purchase a plant subscription when you purchase your wall farm. In this case, you regularly receive new plants for the season change. The manufacturer describes them as planting cartridges, since every plant with its substrate is delivered in a small plastic container which you simply insert into the plant wall.

Precious freshness in the house
The Wall Farm Planting System is available in various sizes. The smallest model is a kitchen garden with three plants. The price is 59.95 euros. If you want to order plants, a price of 19.95 euros for three small plants in the cartridges. At the Wallfarm you have the choice between two sizes with two or three planting days for 38 or 57 plants and for a price of 299 or 799 USD. For the monthly subscription of 20 plants fall costs in the amount of 59.95 US Dollar. Despite the brilliant idea, the freshness in the house has its price.

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