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March 25, 2017

The best tax advice tips

The best tax advice tips

Die clock is ticking: Around 20 million German to be submitted by 31 May 2017, the income tax return in 2016 with the tax office. Do not panic: With the tips of COMPUTER BILD you can create the loose and probably even get hundreds of euros back from the finance office.

Tax liability obligation - who must submit?
In addition to self-employed persons, freelancers and traders, many employees and pensioners are also "compulsory". This means that you must complete the income tax declaration and submit it to the tax office by 31 May at the latest. In 2016, for example, compensation for wages, more than 1,500 euros annuity or rental income has been affected. To this end also subsidiary sons, certain tax classes in pairs or freibetr├Ąge on the pay tax card. If you do not make the countdown, apply for an extension of the deadline and receive a postponement until 30 September 2017.

Voluntary donation
But why wait so long? Around eight million citizens leave without a compulsory assessment. The reason: 90 per cent of all taxpayers receive money from the state - an average of 900 euros! A risk is not borne by "volunteers": If the financial authority unexpectedly requests an additional payment, they can revoke the assessment up to one month after receipt of the tax assessment.

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