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March 03, 2017

To buy a Nintendo Switch? The best tips!

To buy a Nintendo Switch? The best tips!

s is as bewitched with the Nintendo-Switch -Kauf: Regardless of whether , or - at most large online shops is Nintendos new game console already before the sales start out. It is no surprise, as insider circles say that the Japanese company is launching just two million appliances worldwide, correspondingly small is the quota for the German market.

Nintendo Switch buy at Media Markt, Real
With a bit of luck, however, there is still a device to get started: Media Markt and Real are currently (as of March 2, 2017, 11:41) seemingly still a contingent - at least there is at the order process neither on the product pages nor In the basket of the offerers a indication of a delayed delivery. Different at : Who orders the console there, the indication that the delivery takes place only at the end of March 2017.

Buy Nintendo Switch at Saturn & Co.
A further option: On some online offers - for example, at and - the availability of the consoles in the branches of the companies can be checked - and a device pre-ordered if necessary. You will have to pick up the console in the shop, but you can get started on the start day.

Nintendo Switch to order abroad
Countries such as the UK and France have apparently received larger quotas from Nintendo - the console is currently still available at the respective Amazon offices (as of March 2, 2017, 11:41). However, the company supplies the devices only in the respective countries. It seems to be a special rule - usually goods can also easily be ordered here on European Amazon offers.

Nintendo Switch
The price comparison at idealo shows that already at the start quite a few Euros when buying the Nintendo switch can be saved. Media Markt currently offers the best price with 328 euros. If the pre-ordering is no longer possible, the online check of the availability in the markets is worthwhile. If you get a console, you save 11 euros compared to the second-most-priced provider.

Nintendo Switch buy on Ebay
If you can not get a console at the end of the tour, but would like to start at the start of the weekend, you will only have a deep grip on your wallet. On Ebay, pre-buyers already sell their consoles at very high prices. The price increases vary between 20 and several hundred euros - up to a full 599 euros demand some salespeople. So compare and rummage on the auction platform!

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