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March 25, 2017

Why you should never throw away avocado seeds!

Why you should never throw away avocado seeds!

Das processing and proper cutting avocados is not so difficult. If the fruit pulp of the butter-fruit is spooned out , there is still this mighty core, with which one knows nothing to catch. So he ends up in the rubbish and that even though he contains vitamins and nutrients. But in the future, the core will also come into the food.

The avocado has it all
The avocado is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids , vitamin E, potassium and fiber. In addition, it contains 65 percent of all the amino acids of the fruit. No wonder, therefore, that he is regarded as a miracle in the beauty industry. Its ingredients regulate the water balance in the body, improve the elasticity of tissue, hair and thus counteract the aging of the skin.

Also inside the body the avocado stone ensures well-being. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and therefore has a positive effect on disease control. For example, he shows an effect in arthritis. It also has a positive effect on the digestive tract and helps to prevent gastric disorders. The many antioxidants help avoid stomach ulcers and bacterial diseases and relieve ailments such as diarrhea and vomiting.

Cancer-inhibiting, cholesterol-lowering, fat-burning
The immune system also benefits from the numerous active ingredients. Antioxidants protect the cells from free radicals while flavonols give the core anti-cancer properties. The countless amino acids and fatty acids help to lower cholesterol levels and ingredients such as vitamin E and potassium support the cardiovascular system.
But that is not all. At the end, the core saturates and gives the body a lot of energy but at the same time has a fat-burning effect. So he is not only healthy, he also helps with losing weight.

So prepare the core
To get the core small, you need a vegetable, a coffee grinder or a blender. Remove the pulp and soak the core in water. Then peel off the shell more easily when you pull it off with a knife. The core is so soft that you can even cut it with a knife and roast the slices in a pan. For a finer powder, the dewaxed core should dry for one to three days. Then you can rub the core or place in the kitchen machine. Most mixers should handle the avocado. Although Vorwerk has so far not published an official recipe with avocado, the Thermomix has shredded the avocadostein to our satisfaction. Also a favorable Medion mixer has made it during the video rotation.

The best is to mix the core in the form of powder under smoothies, porridge , salads or other dishes. Some people also make a tea infusion. But do not exaggerate, because at least the freshly crushed powder or the paste is quite bitter. For this it smells wonderfully earthy.

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