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April 20, 2017

Amazon: New redemption rules for retailers - are prices rising?

Amazon: New redemption rules for retailers - are prices rising?

VM any trader on the Amazon Marketplace are acidic: The online shopping giant leads from 19 April a new policies. The return processing with third-party vendors is now no longer run according to its own rules, but rather adapted to the Amazon system and thus be standardized.

Returns up to 30 days after receipt
Does the new regime create an improved shopping experience for consumers? Customers can now return a product up to 30 days after receipt without giving reasons and request reimbursement of the sales price, provided the goods are intact. If a customer returns an item with a selling price of more than 40 Euro within the first 14 days, he also receives the return costs. Within 30 days returns of shoes, clothing and handbags are always free of charge. Traders must reimburse the customer for the costs of return and return. And: In the Christmas shop, an extended return period applies. Customers who purchase between 1 November and 31 December may return the goods by 31 January of the following year.

New Amazon Return: Are prices now rising?
Those concerned are wondering if Amazon is allowed to prescribe the change. The answer is yes, because Amazon sets the conditions for trading on its platform. Traders who want to sell on the market must therefore adjust their right of withdrawal, otherwise they will be warned. Amazon has already suggested to retailers an addition for their individual legal advice. The retailer warns, however, before a take over, as some passages would restrict the rights of the consumers in comparison to the lawfully regulated right of revocation. Customers now have to reckon with the dealers re-calculating their prices and screwing them up. This is because current prices will no longer be expected due to the assumption of the return costs.

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