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April 17, 2017

Amazon Secret Tip: Save money with discount coupons

Amazon Secret Tip: Save money with discount coupons

With coupons you can save money, with just one click.
It was not yet advertised in the Amazon newspaper yet, the online retailer still offers: Similar to the supermarket around the corner you go to the (virtual) checkout and benefit from the discounts for certain items. Particularly comfortable: just one click is enough and you save money. Amazon is changing its coupon offer regularly, so stay tuned to the bar not to miss a bargain and it's worth it. In an overview, Amazon presents the most popular coupons in all categories - COMPUTER BILD shows in which categories you can get discounts for certain products.

Amazon Coupons: So easy to save
You can only use each coupon for one item for a fixed period of time. By clicking on the "Activate coupon" button, you place the respective article in your shopping cart. At the checkout, Amazon takes the discount off the price. This principle applies to individual items as well as purchases via savings subscription . However, you can not combine the coupons with other promotions. If the offer is not enough, COMPUTER BILD will provide you with an overview of the available promotional campaigns.

Amazon Warehouse: Pay less with B-Ware
Amazon offers but not only coupons and promotions: For bargain hunters are also shipping backers very popular. If an article does not please the customer due to defects and he sends it back to the online dealer, the respective product ends up in the so-called warehouse. Here, Amazon describes the shortcomings of the articles and lowers the prices rapidly partly by several hundred euros! If the description is not quite accurate and the damage is more serious, the buyer retains the full refund. COMPUTER BILD shows you what offers are in the following gallery.

Suddenly cheaper?
In the event that an article is cheaper despite the coupon, warehouse deal or coupon transaction shortly after the purchase, there is also a solution: Amazon usually shows itself kulant and reimburses the difference. The reason for this is the seven-day price guarantee. All you have to do for reimbursement is to make a short phone call with the customer service center, as this often works much faster and easier. For a free-of-charge contact, click on the Amazon Customer Center , where you check the product and choose a reason for complaint. To avoid a return, Amazon often pays back money back.

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