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April 19, 2017

Apple iOS 11: features, release, news and rumors

Apple iOS 11: features, release, news and rumors

The publicly iOS 11 is not as in the above video. As praiseworthy as it is to feed on the experience with new systems and to launch new ideas for existing products, watchOS would be inappropriate for the iPhone. But: Something new must definitely come from, since iOS has hardly changed visually since version 7. Only what? In June to the WWDC 2017 (5 to 9 June) Apple should give first insights. COMPUTER BILD shortens the waiting time and collects all the rumors about the new system.

IOS 11: Design
Still, there are neither images nor drawings for a possible change of design. Basically there is hardly anything to change, because with the habits of millions of users is not to be joked. But something must have Apple in the hindquarters, because like the iPhone iOS celebrates this year a round anniversary. For example, a darkmode, as it is also known by macOS, would be possible. This not only protects the eyes in dark rooms, but also saves a lot of energy, depending on the OLED display. Further major changes, such as a redesign of the blocking screen, also depend on the design of the upcoming iPhone 8 . Because one goes from an (almost) borderless display, one would have more space and possibilities.

IOS 11: Only 64 bits left
While most apps currently run on both 32-bit and 64-bit devices, the new iOS 11 mobile operating system does not support any applications that only work under the smaller bit size. The corresponding notification message in the store is not a surprise: since 2015, Apple has been calling developers to upgrade their programs to 64-bit with appropriate updates. Newly submitted apps must support this version from the start. Nevertheless, the App Store still has a myriad of applications that have not been updated so far. For the user, however, nothing changes.

IOS 11: Facetime and Siri
IOS 11 is also an opportunity for Apple to expand the video and audio chat program Facetime. If the app is currently a rather subterranean existence next to Skype and consortium, new functions such as group chats or filters could create a new upswing. The same is true for the language assistant Siri. Even if the virtual lady is one of the most active companions on smartphones, this is not a reason for users to understand or disobey commands. So that Amazon & Co. Apple at this point do not run completely the rank, the developers here have to do something neat.

IOS 11: Augmented Reality
There are also rumors about the topics "VR" and "AR". So Apple should work on the iPhone 8 on a camera that allows the creation of VR /AR content. Consequently, the integration of such content into the system would also be consistent however that may seem. Rumors about an AR glasses from Carl Zeiss have been around for some time.

IOS 11: Compatibility and Release
With the release of the new operating system iOS 11 in the usual Apple-style is expected in the autumn of 2017. The fresh system may mean the final off for iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPad 4; Because 64-bit CPUs have been used by the company in its smartphones and tablets since the market launch of the iPhone 5S in 2013. The current version iOS 10, on the other hand, still supports 32 bits on these devices. After five years this is okay, for all devices from iPhone 5S the update (with restrictions) should be available.

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