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April 19, 2017

Lidl-Prospekt: ​​All Lidl-offers in the COMPUTER BILD-Check!

Lidl-Prospekt: ​​All Lidl-offers in the COMPUTER BILD-Check!

In the new Lidl prosect, there is a lot of helpful technology. This time the focus is on hobby grill masters and kitchen chefs, also garden and household technology is included in the brochure: In addition to a film welding machine, the discounter also offers a gas grill car to the end of April. Some products from the Lidl brochure are only available in certain regions,if something is not available in your area, the Lidl-Online-Shop helps in many cases.Whether the Lidl offers are worth it, COMPUTERBILD reveals in the bargain check,click through the Fotostrecke. Next to the product name is the first sale day.

Lidl offers: Here you can access
New technology for the kitchen: If you are already familiar with sous-vide cooking or would like to get to the popular cooking technology, the Silvercrest SFS 110 B2 is a cheap foil welding machine. Similar products cost online just under 20 euros more. You can also make a good deal with the STGG 1800 A2 table grill from Silvercrest,but only if you buy it at the store. Craftsmen are likely to be happy: Lidl places some Parkside appliances on the shelves. These seem to be particularly favorable at first sight. But there is a catch: Lidl sells it without battery, because you have to hit separately. After all, the "Parkside X 20 V Team" is compatible with all Parkside devices. It costs 25 euros, this amount you must therefore count to each device above. The impact drill is nevertheless favorable. The highlight: a dreickschleifer for cheap 16 euro. If you are looking for new lamps for indoor and outdoor use, then you should pay a visit to your local Lidl: The discounter offers lamps of Melinera and Livarno Lux in various sizes and colors for a reasonable price.

Lidl-Prospekt: ​​These products are not worth it
Not every Lidl offer is a bargain: instead of Florabest's garden tools you will find cheaper alternatives on the Internet. Also the offer for the Silvercrest induction cooker is not really cheap. Whoever does not need the devices immediately and can wait a few days for the dispatch, therefore, would rather look around again in online shops for alternatives.

Instructions for price comparison
In the overview you find the current Lidl offers together with the best Internet price of the competition. If there is a product exclusively at Lidl , the editorial office is looking for the best offers for similar devices and makes a price estimation.

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