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April 01, 2017

Apps free or greatly reduced: Tips for iOS and Android

Apps free or greatly reduced: Tips for iOS and Android

Apps without end in the app stores of Apple, Google, Amazon: In this mass current special offers is often difficult- mainly because many offerers lower the prices of smartphone and tablet apps only for few days or hours . COMPUTER BILD shows daily the best reduced or even free apps for Android, iOS and Amazon devices from Monday to Friday.So do not miss out on a bargain! 

As of 15 June, so-called EU roaming charges will be omitted. Afterwards, you can also use your German mobile phone contract in the EU country at no extra cost. The catch: Of course, even in the Auslandsurlaub the data tariff somehow used up and the data dribble only on the snail speed on the mobile phone. If you are looking for a good travel guide with city maps, you should pay attention to the availability of an offline function. An interesting offer is CityMaps2Go. The app already helps with the travel planning of the holiday or a town dine and turns out to be a competent travel guide for sights, shops or restaurants. In addition to the recommendations and evaluations of other users, the daily plan also supports Wikipedia artilks and over 6,700 maps of cities and regions worldwide. All data can be used offline after importing the desired region. The ad-free Pro version for Android costs regularly around 6 euros and is available free of charge at Amazon. For installation, you only need the free underground app .

Puzzle and bubble games are like sand at sea. But for many, the fun ends when the complexity in the game progresses. If, on the other hand, you want to play endlessly and without stress, you should try "Blyss". The app, which is only available in 2016, offers puzzles, which develop themselves and keep an eye out for hours. In order for the Domino-style game to disappear, the player marks at least three of them with a finger wipe. In the further course the complexity increases, however, slightly: then also stones with two or three points appear, which users have to mark several times. Blyss regularly costs just 2 euros and is now available free of charge for the first time. The Android version is also free, but in contrast to the iOS version includes in-app purchases.

A currency calculator belongs to the basic equipment of every smartphone, because at the latest when leaving the EU, the conversion is an annoying companion. A Calculator app, which offers an additional function as well as simple calculation functions, is "Currency-Simple Currency Converter".If the numerical keypad is wiped to the left, the exchange rate trend of the past six months appears. If you wipe this area down, other currencies will show up. By tapping a country flag you set it as the starting currency. If you hold your finger a little longer on the flag, it can also be moved in the row. To see more countries, push the entire currency list downwards and a search box appears. The app has 180 country currencies.

Is there a lot of e-mail to process in the job, so that you hardly ever go behind? Would you like to read a good book in the evening, but you are not able to concentrate? Then you are probably not alone: ​​The most successful offer in the underground store of Amazon is the app "Fast reading". This is an exercise program, which is intended to increase the concentration and the understanding of reading by means of predetermined learning steps. According to the manufacturer, the tool reached an average increase in the reading speed by 143 percent in ten days. As wage wars more effective work and simply again more LesespaƟ. If you want to try it, download the app now for free at Amazon Underground and save the regular Google Play price of around 3 euros. For the installation, you also need the free underground app. 

"Workflow" is a true organizational genius-and in the future free of charge! The iPhone manufacturer Apple has purchased the app and now offers it for free in its App Store. Workflow automates pretty much everything that is possible on the iPhone or iPad. Over 100 actions can be retrieved and combined, including for address book, calendar, cards, music, photos, camera. For example, you can create quick access to specific people, convert Internet pages to PDF files, and automatically send screenshots via e-mail. Whether it's in the Workflow app or via a quick access from other apps, whether in the widget view or from the home screen, your creations are always handy.The automation app, which so far cost 4.99 euros, is free from today. 

Read books on the iPhone or iPad? This can be done, for example, with the eBook reader "tiReader". The app supports electronic books in more than two dozen formats, including EPUB, MOBI, PDF, and Amazon's Kindle format AZW. TiReader provides convenient reading functions such as day and night mode, search and memo function, bookmarks. The app provides access to online storage such as iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and free book catalogs such as Gutenberg.The advanced version "tiReader Pro" regularly costs 8 euros, but is now available for free. Compared to the free Lite version it offers unlimited space in the library and additional exchange surfaces by download. 

You do not have to pay for this app in your household book, because "Money Control" is currently free of charge at Amazon Underground (App-Shop)-including all in-app purchases. With the practical cover, you have your finances under control everywhere. The input of income and expenditure is child-friendly and finished with few finger tips. In addition to the amount you choose, for example, a category (such as "food"), a specific account or "cash", photographed the corresponding paper receipt if necessary and note the paying person (eg a family member).Through the reporting function in the menu, you always receive an account statement of all bookings, detailed analyzes and an overview of your financial development in PDF format. The highlight: The bookings can be synchronized with a dropbox and shared with other Money Control users. This way, relatives, friends and roommates stay up-to-date. In the underground version you get the complete package for free. This eliminates all the costs for the PDF reports and the release of the unlimited cover. To install Money Control, you need the-also free-app Amazon Underground. 

This eliminates all the costs for the PDF reports and the release of the unlimited cover. To install Money Control, you need the - also free - app Amazon Underground.

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