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April 01, 2017

To April 1: free fun programs and nasty Windows pranks

To April 1: free fun programs and nasty Windows pranks

The April 1 is the year in which jokes are on the agenda. Not only in real life, but also increasingly digitally on the PC are driving more or less funny jokes jokes. Someone kidnaped you and you want to take revenge? No problem: stage free for suitable joke programs, with which the problem succeeds. COMPUTER PICTURE also shows you how to frighten friends and colleagues with Windows on-board tools. Hints to take back the changes can also be found.

Show Bluescreen - Original or fake?
On April 1: free fun programs and nasty Windows pranks © COMPUTER BILD
Harmless shock: You create bluescreens by screen saver or special Windows command.
The system freezes, the PC is unusable - unsaved data in the working memory are lost: Bluescreens are the nightmare of most Windows users. Whatever the problem is often not clear at the outset. How about blaming others with a Bluescreen? You have the choice: Either provoke a true blue error screen or make a screen saver. The display of a real bluescreen does not require intentional misoperation, a PowerShell command does the rest. The BlueScreen Screensaver offers a similar shock effect.

Desktop destroy with hammer, rockets, beetles
The software Desktop Games has always been popular to reduce stress. If the PC does not run as desired, you can virtually attack the work surface. One click is sufficient to cancel the screen display. On 1 April you could start the software again from the hard drive. If you do not have the joke tool yet, download it free from the COMPUTER PICTURE download area. After the start, use keys 1 to 8 to switch between different weapons. The escape key exits the horror.

Nice pranks, nasty pranks
One of the more harmless jokes: Show a message to another user at the PC startup. If you do not want to interfere with the registry database, use the Windows Tweaker : With a few clicks, a nice greeting message or a terrifying message is created. This also makes it possible to create non-deleteable folders without command line commands. Removal attempts of the victim by right-clicking and the context menu option Delete will fail. To display a message to friends and colleagues, use the Windows key and R, and the stikynot command to invoke the short notices. In order to convey a message without a flawless system, Open the editor using the Run or Start menu command notepad . Even slimmer are text messages by means of a command line: At least Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate (as well as higher-quality Win8 - / - 10 editions) press the Windows key and R to call the line per cmd command and display a message. Type the msg username message . The command msg Peter Good Day, for example, would show a mini-window with the contents of Good Day in the user account Peter. Common is, On a computer to set an automatic shutdown shortly after the login process - or to replace the task manager with a completely different program. You will find further information in the above gallery .

No joke: Great Vollversionen for lau
Actually, you would like to work with your PC but above all well: work. Sometimes there is time for a game. For the whole programs spend a lot of money? Unnecessary! In the COMPUTER BILD download area you will find many top programs, which can accommodate it with expensive payment software. Whether burning, Windows optimization, creating screenshots, converting, encryption, back-up or password management: Exclusive free helpers are available for all important tasks. Some programs cost money somewhere else, some are only available with COMPUTER BILD!

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