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April 13, 2017

Audials One 2017 - Free Special Version: Complete multimedia package!

Audials One 2017 - Free Special Version: Complete multimedia package!

If he always wants to listen to the latest hits, he can spend a lot of money. This is not absolutely necessary: ​​With Audials One 2017, you can bring thousands of songs to your PC, even the latest chartspersons! The program taps internet radio stations, the best pieces of music save the tool permanently - free of charge and legally according to the manufacturer. Audials One 2017 delivers a whole lot more: download podcasts, record audio plays, manage the music and movies on your hard disk, determine the order in which content plays, and convert files. The TV section is virtually the icing on the cake: you can watch programs such as Tagesschau or the adjusted TV Total again. 

Another highlight is the simultaneous recording of several songs: You only specify your preferred genre. The selection list is extensive, so you'll find electric, jazz, oldies, retro, instrumental, pop, pop. Thanks to the music section, you can also download the songs of the current month within the Audials Charts - also automated. 

Launch multimedia software
The installation of Audials One 2017 takes only a few steps and starts with a double click. If you have pressed the setup file via mouse, a confirmation of the Windows user account control appears. Press the Yes button to start the setup. You can take most of the settings without hesitation. So that nothing goes wrong, the above gallery explains the individual steps. 

You only go through the installation to get the full version. No registration or serial number is required. If the web installer has scrolled the software onto the disk, you can start building your music folder.

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