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April 13, 2017

Easter Eggs: The Best Hidden Gags

Easter Eggs: The Best Hidden Gags

The story of the first Easter Eggs, so the first hidden extras in a video game, is rather sad: game designer Warren Robinett expanded Despite a secret room in his game "Adventure" to perpetuate itself. Since then, Easter Eggs have been a part of every game - only for the most part they will be hidden from defiance. 

Most Easter Eggs are therefore quite easy to find. References and allusions are usually deliberately placed, and the attention is desired. Many developers even go so far as to use Easter Eggs for PR purposes, sell them later as part of the merchandise, and make a long-term talk about cult products and their product.

Some remains undetected
At times when there was not yet a reliable Internet, the gags were even harder to find. For example, it was a long time rumored there was a secret cow level in "Diablo". You can also hide an Easter Egg - like Rocksteady, the makers of "Batman - Arkham Asylum". Only by a hint of the developer came the Easter Egg to the light. You can find out more about the other Easter Egg records in the past decades, in the picture gallery.

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