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April 16, 2017

IPhone charging faster: That really works!

IPhone charging faster: That really works!

The battery of the iPhone is always empty when it is the least suitable. Or it takes too long to get back to strength. At least one of the two situations every iPhone user has already experienced. But how does life come to the cells? The solution is quite simple when it comes to Apple - because not only the iPhone power supply is suitable for charging the battery. COMPUTER BILD has two useful tips for you!

IPhone faster charging: Flight mode
The smartphone is particularly effective when the consumers are switched off. This means: Turn off everything that might need valuable energy during the charging process. The easiest way to do this is to activate the flight mode. Then the iPhone cuts all connections out and needs the least power. Of course, this does not matter if you still watch a movie or play a game. The more "hands away", the faster it can go on.

IPhone charge faster: iPad power supply
You also have an iPad? Great, because then you probably have one of the powerful iPad power supplies. Use this power supply from now on also for the iPhone - because instead of 5 watts the iPad power supply pumps up to 12 watts through the line. And according to Apple is absolutely safe. It is not the power supply, which determines how much electricity goes through the cable, but the iPhone itself. And although Apple delivers the smartphones with 5 watt power supplies is technically more possible. By the way: 5.5-inch iPhones profit more from a larger power supply than 4.7-inch models.

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