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April 16, 2017

Save.TV: 20 movie classic for only 5 euro + 3 free months

Save.TV: 20 movie classic for only 5 euro + 3 free months

With the Onlinerecorder Save.TV no longer escapes a TV highlight. And: the recording service is much more flexible than conventional hard disk or video recorders. Together with Save.TV, COMPUTERBILD now has an exclusive TV package for you: For three months, the onlinercorder in the popular XL variant (see "These are the advantages of Save.TV XL") is particularly favorable for you. You pay only 5 Euro instead of 44,97 Euro for the use and a desired blockbuster on DVD (see: "These 20 Top Movies to choose from" below) there are top.

These are the advantages of Save.TV XL
The exclusive action pack of the Onlinercorders Save.TV offers the following functions:
  • Selection: Over 40 German channels, 18 of them even in HD.
  • App-variety: The XL offer from Save.TV also use with iPhone, iPad (both iOS), Android devices, Apple TV, Fire TV (Amazon) and Smart TVs from Samsung. You can download the corresponding apps for XL customers free of charge.
  • Recording without advertising : Advertising is automatically removed.
  • Personal recording assistant: All episodes of your favorite series can be memorized simply by clicking on the recording.
  • Recording programming: You can program and recall recordings over the Internet, whether at home or on holiday.
  • Recording archive: Your broadcasts are stored in your personal video archive in the cloud and are available for 60 days - exclusively with this action, otherwise it will only work with the XXL package.
  • Permanent archiving: If desired, you can permanently store records on your hard drive.

That's how it's done
  • About 's going to the campaign page. Sign up there by April 30, 2017 .
  • You can cancel the 3-month promotion period at any time.
  • Or save yourself a 50 percent discount on the regular price of 3, 6, 12, or 24 follow-on for Save.TV XL and keep your XXL features. For this purpose, extend your membership area by one day before the end of the promotion period. You can cancel the packages no later than seven days before expiration.
  • If you do not cancel and do not select a follow-up package, your membership will automatically be extended by another 12 months with the regular Save.TV XL package (with XXL features). They pay 4.99 euros instead of 9.99 euros per month.
  • Participation only for persons of full age residing in Germany.
  • Also available for earlier Save.TV customers.

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