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April 17, 2017

Last chance: 12% discount on quad biking

Last chance: 12% discount on quad biking

The motor roars and pulls the wirey vehicle over rough terrain, the rugged wheels tirelessly tangle left and right dust - such an adventure is long remembered, especially when it comes as a unique gift from the or the loved one! Great gift ideas for the friend or girlfriend are now available at Meventi, often at particularly favorable conditions and as gift vouchers with rich discounts.

12% discount on a trip with the quad
With the discount code mev-cobi417 you now get 12% discount on a trip with the quad at Meventi. With the off-road miracle designed specifically for the terrain, you heat up with four-wheel drive and up to 100 hp and 1,000 cubic centimeters displacement through mud and mud and let the wind roll around the ears properly. Located outside somewhere between the construction of a car and motorbike, the quad bike is full of body inserts, because you put your weight into the corners - but not too much, otherwise a belly is programmed! Of course, the maneuver is explained in detail in an introduction and first it is at moderate tempo around the curves. However, with some practice, you will soon fly with your vehicle over the top of the hill and bump into difficult corners through the terrain. But also for beginners and more restful adventurers, a quad-tour is recommended, for example, on paved streets where you can play the thumb-gaas or run through the terrain while you enjoy the atmosphere comfortably in the back seat. In any case, this special gift will be a unique adventure that will be remembered for a long time to come!

Special gift ideas for special people
Meventi is specialized as a platform for experience gifts on extraordinary events, which are still vividly remembered even after a long time. Over 1,500 unusual and crazy gift ideas are just waiting to provide unforgettable and unique moments and to leave lasting impression on the recipient. Who wants to shine with original and especially great gifts, is at Meventi exactly right. Even last minute gifts get a cool and creative painting and can be conveniently presented as vouchers. In 2016 Meventi was awarded the German Institute for Service Quality as a test winner in the study for experience providers.

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